The East India Company: A History From Beginning to End por Hourly History

August 23, 2019

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The East India Company: A History From Beginning to End por Hourly History
Titulo del libro : The East India Company: A History From Beginning to End
Fecha de lanzamiento : February 21, 2016
Autor : Hourly History
Número de páginas : 46
Editor : Hourly History

Hourly History con The East India Company: A History From Beginning to End

★ The East India Company ★

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Founded at the dawn of the seventeenth century as European nations were establishing global empires, the English East India Company would become a vital part of burgeoning British supremacy. Begun as a joint-stock company for trade with the East Indies, this organization would evolve into one of the world’s first capitalistic corporations.

Inside you will read about...

✓ The English in the Atlantic Era and the Founding of the East India Company
✓ The 17th Century: Struggling, Building, and Growing with Violence
✓ The East India Company Enters the 18th Century
✓ The British Government Steps In
✓ China and the Opium Trade
✓ Growing British Involvement in the 19th Century
✓ The End of the East India Company
And much more!

Over the course of their 250+ years, the East India Company had built a global trading empire, raised an army and waged war, and conquered vast territory, including the entire subcontinent of India. Without their involvement, the British presence in India would look very different in the historical record. Though the company was dissolved by 1874, their influence on world history cannot be overstated.

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